Wednesday, 23 January 2013

First Post...

Hi everyone,

I'm Emily. I'm a 25 year old artist from Middlesbrough, a small town on the North East coast of England. Currently studying for a degree in Entertainment Design Crafts at Cleveland College of Art and Design.

I've never written a blog before. To be honest the idea of having a blog is something that has never really crossed my mind or appealed to me, I've never been one for keeping a diary and I don't feel that my life is anywhere near interesting enough to document. For that reason I'll probably keep the written bits on here to a minimum.. The main reason I decided to start blogging is that we had a lecture and workshop at my University earlier this week by the artist John McCrea, who has illustrated for both Marvel and DC Comics, among others. I showed him some of my artwork and he gave me the encouragement I needed to start getting it out there!

So I decided to create this blog is basically to showcase my artwork and to follow other artists who I find inspiring. My drawing and painting work is heavily influenced by the style of the tattoo culture, comic book art and portraiture. I love working mainly in coloured pencil, inks and watercolours. I also enjoy making things and as part of my University course involves prop and costume making I will be featuring some of that too.

I'm totally new to this whole blogging thing so please bear with me, it will probably be a bit rubbish for the first while until I figure it all out!

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